About the School of Engineering and Applied Science
Program Educational Objectives

About the School of Engineering and Applied Science

This particular profession, engineering, is especially suited to a University that prides itself on engaging the mind and strengthening and refining a system of values. Although the hierarchical nature of its knowledge often makes engineering remote, it is an intensely intellectual endeavor buttressed by a well-developed ethical system.

Recognizing its appropriateness, Gonzaga added engineering to its offerings seventy years ago; and ever since, the School has been an important part of this University, composing more than ten percent of its undergraduate student body and giving substance to Gonzaga's claim to be a "comprehensive" university. Furthermore, outside of Spokane, Gonzaga's reputation is bolstered by the presence of its engineering program; in all of the West this is one of only four accredited engineering programs in Jesuit universities.

Originally small in its offerings and enrollment, the School has grown steadily since the 1970's, to its recent record enrollments of nearly 750 engineering and computer science students in six separate undergraduate degree programs and one graduate program in Transmission and Distribution Engineering. With programs that were initially accredited in 1985 by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), it has developed a regional and national reputation for high-quality engineering instruction coupled with the many other elements of a Jesuit education.

SEAS now consists of six departments: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, Transmission and Distribution Engineering, and Computer Science.

In addition to these departments, the School operates the Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship (CEDE), the Herak Engineering Computer Center (HECC), and the Fabrication Facility.

The School offers four-year Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering (BSCE), Computer Engineering (BSCpE), Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Engineering Management (BSEM), Mechanical Engineering (BSME), and Computer Science (BSCS). The Engineering Management program is offered in conjunction with the School of Business, and provides students with a business minor and the opportunity for a 5th year MBA degree.

The over-arching goal of the undergraduate programs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at Gonzaga University is to provide an education that prepares the student with a baccalaureate degree to be a professional engineer or computer scientist. In addition, the programs provide a base both for graduate study and for lifelong learning in support of evolving career objectives, which include being informed, effective, and responsible participants in the profession and society.

It is also an education that is designed to challenge the intellect of the student and help her/him learn the value and reward of analytical and logical thinking. All departments within the School therefore share a common mission of equipping graduates to enter professional practice. This is summarized by our School's Mission Statement:

"The School of Engineering and Applied Science at Gonzaga University produces broadly educated and capable engineers and computer scientists, ready to contribute innovative solutions for a better world."

This statement is consistent with the University's mission and specifically implements the following section of that missions statement:

"We believe that our students, while they are developing general knowledge and skills during their years at Gonzaga, should also attain more specialized competence in at least one discipline or profession."

We hope that the integration of liberal humanistic learning, and skills with a specialized competence will enable our graduates to enter creatively, intelligently, and with deep moral conviction into a variety of endeavors, and provide leadership in the arts, the professions, business, and public service.

Our mission is accomplished through common Program Educational Objectives developed by the School to guide all our programs.

The suitability of these objectives, and the coursework to attain them, are assessed and evaluated by each department on a three-year cycle.

As such, these skills embody the intent of the "specialized competence" as described in our University mission statement.

A concerned and well-trained faculty, small class size, easy access to faculty outside the classroom, and modern facilities provide Gonzaga University students with the knowledge and skills to become productive engineers or computer scientists and to assume leadership roles in business, industry, and government. A unique feature of the program is the strong emphasis on liberal arts education. A strong and rigorous technical curriculum combined with a broad liberal arts education emphasizing communication skills, critical thinking, and ethics enables Gonzaga graduates to adapt to an ever-changing computer, engineering, social, political, and business environment.

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