The Gonzaga University Nursing LLC creates a unique opportunity for nursing majors to live and study together.  Students participate in special events and activities designed to connect them to the nursing profession, and network with nursing administrators, faculty, and student leaders. Students will be registered for second-year Nursing courses together as an LLC unit. This will open up opportunities for support in and out of the classroom.

Located In:  Kennedy Apartments

Open To:  All second-year Nursing students.

Benefits of the College of Nursing LLC Program

  • Live and learn with other nursing majors.
  • Participate in special events and activities tailored toward nursing students.
  • Explore many aspects of the nursing profession.
  • Discover special opportunities at Gonzaga and around Spokane,
  • Develop the professionalism associated with the career of nursing.
  • Develop an ethos informed by Jesuit values for the common good and being for and with others.

Value and Learning Outcomes:

  • Provides an opportunity for students to step away from stressors of school, and cultivates an environment for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Encourages individuals' personal accomplishment of academic goals, and success.
  • Develops supportive environment which emphasizes team comradery and cohesion by honoring others' success and promotes others to ask for support when needed.
  • Fosters a community which teaches, encourages, and celebrates vulnerability and resilience among classmates.
  • Celebrates and supports individuality among peers, while pursuing a shared journey as a community/cohort.

Student Responsibilities

Nursing LLC students must:

  • Remain in good academic standing with the Nursing School and Gonzaga University.
  • Register and remain enrolled in LLC-designated courses: NURS 210 (Fall 2024) and NURS 251 (Spring 2025).
  • Remain in good social standing with Gonzaga University and Housing & Residence Life Department.
  • Participate in a certain number of LLC related activities throughout the academic year.