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CLOSE-IN: "Drawn to the Wall VII"  Exhibition

June 15 through August 17, 2019

Every three years, five artists are invited to spend two weeks at the Jundt Art Museum to create a drawing on one side of an 8-by-11 foot museum wall. The unusual component of this project is that the drawings will be removed and painted over at the end of the exhibit and the walls returned to their normal use as gallery partitions. Artists selected for “Drawn to the Wall VII” were asked to find individual, workable solutions to large-scale drawings and to the constraints of working in a “common” environment.

2019 Drawn to the Wall VII artists:

  • Jen Erickson
  • Robert Fifield
  • Christine Kimball
  • Dan McCann
  • Jamie Nadherny

Northwest Profiles: Drawn to Draw
A documentary about Drawn to the Wall IV.


CLOSE-IN: Evolution: Potter Harry Green's 50-Year Journey

June 15 through August 17, 2019

Actively establishing the study and creation of pottery at Gonzaga University several decades ago, potter Harry Green studied at Eastern Washington University, in Japan and Europe, and at UC Berkeley.  Working for several years creating functional pots for Nordstrom, Green joined Pottery Northwest in Seattle.  After almost 50 years, Green continues to throw functional serving pieces, using porcelain clay and china white glaze.  His effort to "showcase a host's culinary skills, beauty of presentation, and hopefully longer visits around the table" will be featured in the Arcade Gallery.


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