3 + 3 Programs

Complete your undergraduate degree while earning your J.D.

Gonzaga University School of Law has standing partnerships with Gonzaga University and four regional institutions (University of Alaska Fairbanks, Carroll College, Eastern Washington University and Whitworth University) to create a pathway for students to earn their undergraduate and law degrees in six years instead of seven:

University of Alaska Fairbanks & Gonzaga Law 3+3

Carroll College & Gonzaga Law 3+3

CAS & Gonzaga Law 3+3 Agreement

Eastern Washington University & Gonzaga Law 3+3

Whitworth University & Gonzaga Law 3+3

How it works

Our 3 + 3 programs allow qualified students to complete their undergraduate degree and obtain a J.D. degree faster. You will complete most requirements for your undergraduate program and then apply to Gonzaga University School of Law during your junior year. If accepted, you will use your first year of courses at Gonzaga Law to complete your bachelor’s degree at UAF, Gonzaga, Carroll, EWU or Whitworth.

Do I need to be a pre-law major?

The 3+3 program is available to students of all majors at Carroll, EWU and Whitworth. For UAF students, the program is currently available to those in College of Liberal Arts (CLA) majors. For Gonzaga undergraduate students, the program currently is only available to those who are majoring in degrees offered through the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS).

What are the requirements and how do I apply?

Application requirements vary depending on the agreement. You can learn more about specific requirements by visiting your institution’s 3+3 page.


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