Tuition & Fees

Annual Student Budget

2022-23 Academic Year Tuition: $50,070

Federal law mandates that every institution of higher education develop a standard cost of attendance. The cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, and estimates for books, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses while enrolled in law school. Scholarship or loans can never exceed the cost of the budget.

The total annual budget reflects total estimated expenses for the academic year and is the maximum annual loan amount available.* Each student's indirect expenses will vary depending on personal choices. 

Traditional 3-year J.D. Program

Academic Year: Fall and Spring Semesters

 Board  $6,560
 Books & Supplies  $1,278
 Loan Fees  $1,176
 Personal Expenses  $2,180
 Required Fees  $165
 Room  $9,495
 Transportation  $1,720
 Tuition (based on full-time enrollment)   $50,070
 TOTAL  $72,644

*The standard student budget is established solely for the student. The budget cannot be increased for spouses or family. The only exceptions to this policy can be found in the financial aid policies.

Executive 2-Year J.D. Program (first FOUR terms)

Academic Year: Summer, Fall, Spring, and Summer II Semesters

 Meals  $10,890
 Books & Supplies  $2,121
 Loan Fees  $1,952
 Personal Expenses  $3,619
 Required Fees  $165
 Room  $15,825
 Transportation  $2,855
 Tuition (based full-time enrollment)     $100,140
 TOTAL  $137,567

The Student Budget can be increased in accordance with the Student Budget Increase Policy.

Fees Schedule

 Gonzaga Journal of International Law (per year)  $20.00
 Student Bar Association (per semester)
 Law Review (per year)  $25.00
 ID Card Replacement  $30.00
 Transcript Fee (per copy)  $6.00 -$8.25
 Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (per semester)  $50.00
 Payment Plan Late Enrollment Fee (per semester)  $75.00
 Parking Permit (per year – estimate)  $93.00
 Mandatory accident insurance (per year)  $50.00
 Fitness Center fee (optional, per semester)  $150.00

To find previous costs of attendance, visit our Financial Aid site