National Trial Competition

Real-life Trial Format

The National Trial Competition uses a real-life trial format, taking students through all phases of a civil trial, from preparation of trial brief to jury arguments. This competition tests a student’s knowledge of the rules of evidence, pleading and procedure.

What to Expect

  • This competition is open to second and third-year law students.
  • First-year students are encouraged to sign-up as witnesses and volunteer as bailiffs for the various rounds.
  • Teams are made up of four students.
  • Two team members act as attorneys, the other two act as witnesses.
  • The competition challenges the team’s ability to conduct a case effectively and persuasively.
  • Considerable time is required for necessary research, case preparation, and witness interviews.

At the Competition

  • The competition lasts several days and usually starts in late January.
  • Not only is this fun, but it also takes only two hours per round, and you have the experience of participating in a trial.

After the Competition

  • Winners advance to a regional competition held in early March.
  • Winners from regionals advance to national competition held in early April.