CEDE Design Advisory Board

The Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers from the engineering community who lend their expertise to our students and our program by reviewing our student’s presentations and reports.

One board member per year is recognized for outstanding service. In Spring 2018, CEDE honors civil engineer Melissa Verwest for her service to Gonzaga's senior design teams.

Design Advisory Board Members

  • Katy Allen, CE
  • Luke Blanchart, ME
  • Toni Boggan
  • Les Bohush ME
  • Kevin Cary, CE
  • Wendy Crispin, ME
  • Keith Davidson, ME
  • Terra Donley, EE
  • Dave Duncan, CE
  • Brennan Dunlap
  • Eric Ryan
  • Bill Fees, CE
  • Bill Galle, CE
  • John Gibson, EE
  • Lindsay Gilbert, CE
  • Tim Graybeal, CE
  • Kaitlyn Helsing, EE
  • Gary Holmesmith, EE
  • Dannielle Haraldson, CE
  • Greg Lahti, CE
  • Ryan Leahy, ME
  • Joel Lee, CE
  • Colleen Little, CE
  • Henry Loehner, EE
  • Michael Maffeo, ME
  • Scott Marshall, CE
  • Andrew Matsumoto, CE
  • J. McCall, ME
  • Jim McCall, ME
  • Alex Meyer, ME
  • Adam Miles, CE
  • David Moss, CE
  • Ethan Murnin, CE
  • John Olsufka, ME
  • Jeff Owen, EE
  • Pintor, Phillip, ME
  • Doug Pooler, ME
  • Nick Questad, ME
  • Scott Ratterman, CE, Struc.
  • Paul Robertson, EE
  • Jim Roletto, CE
  • Eric Ryan, EE
  • Jake Saxon, CE
  • Sushil Shenoy, CE
  • Sam Shoemaker, ME
  • Jim Simon
  • Brad Snow, ME
  • Jerry Tombari, CE
  • Bob Turner, CE
  • Melissa Verwest, CE
  • Alana Wallace, ME
  • Gary R. Weber, ME
  • Jim Weston, ME
  • Matt Zarecor, CE
  • Tom Zysk, ME

Contact CEDE for information about Sponsoring a Project

Request Information on Senior Design
502 E. Boone
Spokane, WA 99258
Toni Boggan (509) 313-3913