Solid Mechanics & Machine Design

solid mechanics
Turn your ideas into tangible things, then push them to their limits!

Machine design teaches you to develop your technical ideas and communicate them through drawings that machinists can understand. See your designs come to life, from first sketch to detailed CAD models and prototypes.


Solid mechanics studies how things behave under different types of forces are applied to them. It allows us to design structures that are strong, safe, and can withstand different types of forces, such as tension, compression, and bending. It's like solving a puzzle to make sure things stay strong and stable, whether it's a building, a car, or a chair.


What Can You Do with Solid Mechanics and Machine Design?

Many industries such as aerospace, biomechanics and consumer manufacturing need engineers who can analyze and predict how mechanical components will behave. A few of the career paths using solid mechanics include design engineers, stress analysists, and materials engineers. Mechanical engineers skilled in machine design can work in product design, industrial engineering, manufacturing, research & development.

What You'll Study in Solid Mechanics and Machine Design

You will learn about the properties of materials, such as strength, elasticity, and toughness, and how they behave under different forces and loads. Topics include system dynamics, elasticity, vibrations, material failure, and fracture mechanics. Through lab experiments and simulations, you will gain hands-on experience in testing and analyzing the behavior of materials and structures. In learning the principles, methods, and techniques used in mechanical design, you'll learn about the design process, CAD software, manufacturing techniques, and analysis of structural integrity.

design lab

Mechanical Engineering Design Labs

Double-screen workstations run Solidworks, the industry standard for 3D design, simulation, and documentation tools

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