Operations & Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management concentration equips students to manage and improve supply chains supporting manufacturing and service firms. Efficient, effective, and economical management of the supply chain requires in-depth knowledge of global sourcing and logistics, e-commerce and related information technologies, process management and improvement, system modeling and decision-making techniques, and international quality standards.

Supply chain management has become increasingly important. Many business leaders recognize the strategic importance of aligning a firm's supply chain and production system with how a firm competes in the global market place. This concentration provides students with the knowledge to manage such a strategic alignment. They are prepared to design and manage supply chains and production systems and to use the latest technologies to link firms which acquire material, produce and deliver products and services to their customers. Career opportunities are available with organizations that provide or are dependent on fast, low-cost, accurate, and uniform flows of products, information, and services. Examples include consulting, manufacturing, health services, government, transportation, retail, insurance, and banking, among others.