Gonzaga University Investment Club

Are you interested in the stock market or would you like to learn more about it? Gonzaga University Investment Club (GUIC) gives students the opportunity to invest and manage real money in our $100,000 portfolio. GUIC offers students an opportunity outside of the classroom to gain more hands-on experience as well as engage with other students who are interested in the stock market. GUIC is entirely student-run with guidance from the academic advisor, Danielle Xu

At the weekly meetings, GUIC members will have the opportunity to practice analyzing and pitching stocks. GUIC focuses on preparing members for a career in finance by developing analytical, leadership, and public speaking skills. In addition, GUIC actively engages with financial firms to cultivate relationships that will serve to assist members with a greater understanding of the many sectors of the financial industry and propel their careers in finance.

For more information or inquires please visit our website at https://gonzaga.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/guic