Business Student Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Business Student Learning Outcomes 

1. Students will be problem solvers.

  • Students will understand and use proper technological tools and concepts to analyze data, interpret results, and effectively communicate their findings.
  • Students will analyze relevant evidence and recommend solutions to business problems in a global context.

2. Students will engage professionally with others.

  • Students will produce professional written business communications.
  • Students will deliver professional presentations.
  • Students will work collaboratively to accomplish business objectives.

3. Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge relevant to business.

  • Students will demonstrate a foundational understanding of accounting, economics, business law, finance, management, operations, and marketing.

4. Students will understand how the practice of business impacts individual, social, and environmental well-being, and be able to imagine ways in which business leaders can better serve the common good through their decision-making.

  • Students will evaluate the ethical dimensions of business decisions.
  • Students will identify externalities and propose actions to benefit society and the environment.
  • Students will identify and apply business practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Students will explain how the Catholic intellectual tradition and social teachings can contribute to conducting the practice of their future professions in service to the common good