Management Information Systems

The MIS Concentration equips students with knowledge, techniques and skills essential for their success in various IT-related positions, by which, we mean not only technical professions such as programmers or software developers, but also those involved creative and problem solving skills, such as business analysis, system analysis, system design, project implementation and IS experts in other functional areas.  The curriculum is designed based on fundamental building blocks of information systems. Elective courses are offered to supplement the essential subjects and broaden students’ knowledge base. Current and cutting-edge technologies are timely introduced as special topics. To dutifully fulfill their responsibilities, MIS students are expected to not only master technical skills, but also grow an understanding of how businesses operate, and own proficient people and communication skills as well as problem-solving capability.  Just like all business students, MIS students are required to take business core courses in various disciplines and the University Core. The requirements of business foundation and University Core are expected to develop Gonzaga MIS students to be well-rounded professionals. 


The MIS Advisory Board

Name Title Department Affiliate
Mr. Robert Andresen Director IT Potlatch Corporation
Mr. Jon Copeland CEO - Nuvodia
Ms. Patricia Kelly Director IS STCU
Mr. Alan MacPhee Director IT Hecla Mining
Mr. Eric Finch CITO - City of Spokane
Ms. Ann Fabbiano Manager - URM Stores, Inc.
Mr. Kelley Ferguson CIO - Numerica Credit Union
Mr. Brian JonesMarket  CIO - Rockwood Health System
Mr. Chuck McAtee Vice President IT / CIO IT Itron, Inc
Ms. Stephanie Myers  Supervisor - Avista Corporation
Tammy Lowney Product Manager Data Strategy IT General Dynamics Mission Systems
Mr. Steve Tabacek  President - RiskLens

GU MIS Faculty Board Members

 Name  Title  Department Affiliate 
Ta-Tao Chuang, Ph.D. Professor  MIS Gonzaga University
Timothy Olsen, Ph.D. Associate Professor MIS Gonzaga University
 Shan Xiao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor MIS Gonzaga University
 John Correia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
MIS Gonzaga University