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ORGL 600: Foundations of Leadership

This course is the foundation of the organizational leadership program. You will investigate various theories of leadership and communication used by leaders in organizations, both positive and negative. You will explore your own ideas of leadership and how they relate to real world scenarios, through research, readings, discussion with your peers and personal reflection. During this process you will discover new ideas about what leadership is and will develop a leadership growth plan and craft your own leadership philosophy.

ORGL 605: Imagine, Create, Lead
This is a hybrid course and requires online course work before and after the immersion experience.
3-day On-Campus Immersion - offered every semester session.
3-day Fully Online Synchronous* Immersion - offered twice a year during Fall B and Spring A sessions.

Come to campus and experience Gonzaga in person. During this 3-day immersion you will meet with your faculty to discuss career goals, check-in with Student Services and engage with your peers. This is your chance to establish friendships and build relationships that will support you throughout your master’s journey and beyond graduation. Have you ever been stuck trying to think of a creative way to solve an organizational problem? During this course, you will spark your creativity and explore innovative ways to solve problems, build a team and communicate, and see how creativity can become a useful leadership skill. You will later use your newfound knowledge to create a final class project. Some of the subjects you may explore include, art, architecture, Ignatian imagination, literature, poetry, music and even improv.

ORGL 610: Communication and Leadership Ethics

Inquiry into the personal, organizational, and social values present in moral dilemmas. Students will develop skills in ethical communication and decision-making, and recognize how to act for the common good as leaders who can acknowledge and consider multiple moral perspectives within a global context.

ORGL 615: Organizational Behavior and Theory

The purpose of this core course is to provide exposure to theories of organizations, organizational behavior, and systems as well as a variety of strategies and tactics useful to successful leaders and followers. The content includes a traditional macro organizational theory emphasis on structure and culture and then extends to organizational behavior focusing on leading teams and interpersonal relationships.


ORGL 620: Leadership Seminar - 3 credits

This course, referred to as your capstone is the culmination of your leadership coursework. In this course you will reflect on what has changed for you both personally and professionally since enrolling in the program. You will also examine what you have learned, refine your leadership philosophy and apply your leadership skills and practice to a final leadership project.

*The virtual synchronous version of ORGL 605 requires you to participate in the class over 3-days on zoom.  Day 1 and 2 are from 8am-5:30pm and day 3 is from 8am-3:30pm.  You will find out more information about exact dates when you register for the class in Zagweb.