Develop the skills and confidence to lead in a diverse and complex work environment. In this optional concentration, you will increase your self-awareness and cultural sensitivity as you learn to adapt to different cultural contexts and negotiate meaning in unfamiliar environments.


  • Analyze and understand the impact of global issues on an organization
  • Formulate a vision for change
  • Respond to conflict and difference on interpersonal and organizational levels

The successful completion of the Global Leadership Concentration will be recognized on the degree transcript of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

The Concentration Consists of 4 Classes

Required Courses

ORGL 570: Introduction to Global Systems

Required Study Abroad 

ORGL 690: Development Communication  - Cali, Colombia
ORGL 577: Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues: A Brussels European Forum Simulation - Brussels, Belgium
ORGL 689 (Special Topics) Understanding Europe in the Age of Uncertainty - Prague, Czech Republic
Florence Summer Law Program

Elective Courses - choose 2

ORGL 510: Renaissance Leadership for the 21st Century - 14-day study abroad in Italy.
ORGL 517: Organizational Change and Transformation
ORGL 518: Transforming Leadership
ORGL 520: Conflict Resolution
ORGL 535: Listen, Discern, and Decide
ORGL 689: Leadership & Hardiness - 3 day immersion at Mt. Adams, WA.
ORGL 689: Global Citizenship


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