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Change Leadership

Change is in everything we do, in fact, it is something every person, group and organization is required to do to be successful. Whether you are dealing with new policies and procedures, new technology, new management, or structural change we can help you gain the tools to support organizational success.

You will acquire the skills to help navigate change with those around you and serve as a positive change agent. You will also learn to anticipate change, identify readiness, and plan and facilitate change in organizations as well as social movements. This optional concentration is useful to anyone in any organization and at any level in their career.


  • Serve as a change agent
  • Facilitate clear communication
  • Gain techniques to decrease resistance
  • Create an atmosphere of empowerment
  • Construct systems to advance civil and human rights.

The successful completion of the Change Leadership Concentration will be recognized on your degree transcript. 

The Concentration Consists of 4 Courses: 

Required Courses:

ORGL 515: Leadership and Human Potential – 3 credits
ORGL 516: Relational Dynamics and Organizational Development – 3 credits
ORGL 517: Organizational Change and Transformation – 3 credits
Includes 3-day immersion offered on campus and virtually in a synchronous format

Elective Courses: Choose 1

ORGL 506: Leadership and Diversity - 3 credits
ORGL 518: Transforming Leadership – 3 credits
ORGL 523: Psychology of Leadership – 3 credits
Includes 3-days on campus
ORGL 550: Teambuilding and Leadership – 3 credits
Includes 3-days on campus
ORGL 551: Advanced Teambuilding Leadership – 3 credits
Includes 3-days on campus; Prerequisite:  ORGL 550 
ORGL 689: Contemporary Strategies to Counter Hate – 3 credits
Includes 3-days on campus
COML 504: Organizational Communication - 3 credits
COML 511: Communication, Consulting and Training - 3 credits
COML 598: Intercultural Communication - 3 credits


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