Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

 Statue of Bing Crosby behind fall yellow leaves. Gonzaga Will banner drapes the background.

2019 Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowship applications are now being accepted.

Current students can apply now by visiting myGU.

About the Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Established in 2017 thanks to a generous donation from Scott and Liz (Tomich, '80) Morris, the Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowships are awarded to student-faculty research teams in the arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines in the Gonzaga University College of Arts & Sciences. These fellowships are awarded to original, student-driven research projects that are carried out during the summer months under the mentorship of a faculty member in the College. Both the student and the faculty mentor receive a stipend for this work.

Past recipients of the Morris Fellowship have been involved in a wide variety of projects, studying a diverse range of topics from Zambian choral music to the influence of Bing Crosby on post-World War II America’s views on Christmas, to an augmented reality walking history tour of the Gonzaga campus, and many more.

  • Madison Hendricks (faculty mentor: Leslie Stamoolis, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Foundations of Silhouette: A Study of 19th Century Undergarments”
  • Andrew Kelley (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “In the Wake of Tragedy: Examining the Function of Music as a Response to Disaster”
  • Katherine Laco (faculty mentor: Dr. Anastasia Wendlinger, Religious Studies): “Teaching Participation: Vatican II’s Liturgical Reforms and Parish Catechesis in the Diocese of Spokane”
  • Audrey Parks (faculty mentor: Suzanne Ostersmith, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Professional Dance Performance Preparation”
  • Nick Simmons (faculty mentor: Dr. Rebecca Marquis, Modern Languages): “Indigenous Resistance Case Studies”
  • Annie Stanger (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Introducing Contemporary Women Art Song Composers to Teachers and Performers”
  • Jessica Albinson (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock, Sociology): “Navigating Gender and Sexual Identity in a ‘Straight’ World: A Study of How College Students Talk About Romantic Relationships”
  • Annica Balentine (faculty mentor: Dr. Andrea Bertotti-Metoyer, Sociology): “Sterilization Discourse in Medical Textbooks”
  • Mitch Davey (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Dancing in Harmony: A Documentation of the Traditions & Practices of Choral Music in Zambia”
  • Cole Fairbairn (faculty mentor: Dr. Ray Rast, History): “A Christmas Classic: Bing, Berlin, and the Story of ‘White Christmas’”
  • Danielle Forrest and Grace Muljadi (faculty mentors: Dr. Rob Bryant, Computer Science and Computational Thinking and Dr. Veta Schlimgen, History): “Walk Gonzaga: An Augmented Reality Walking Historical Tour of Gonzaga”
  • Analee Scott (faculty mentor: Dr. Mary Jeannot, TESL): “Investigating Multilingual Theory and Practice in Spokane Public Schools”

Direct participation in scholarly research not only helps you decide on a future career path, but also give you a competitive advantage with scholarships and acceptance into law school, graduate school, and professional performing companies.