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About the Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Established in 2017 thanks to a generous donation from Scott ('80, '89) and Liz (Tomich, '80) Morris, the Morris Undergraduate Research Fellowships are awarded to student-faculty research teams in the College of Arts & Sciences. These fellowships are awarded to original, student-driven research projects that are carried out during the summer months under the mentorship of a faculty member in the College. Both the student and the faculty mentor receive a stipend for this work.

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Liz & Scott Morris Increase Opportunity for Humanities Research with Gift

The Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry and the College of Arts and Sciences thank the Morris Family!

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Undergraduate research gets the holiday treatment with "A Christmas Classic".

Bing Crosby

“A Christmas Classic” – at – results from the collaboration of Ray Rast, associate professor of history at Gonzaga, Cole Fairbairn, 2017 Morris Fellow and class of 2019, and Mary Cate Babcock, class of 2022.


  • Benjamin Gonzales, Class of 2024, Criminology & English Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Katey Roden): When Political Paradise is Lost: What Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes teach us about Political Defeat, Disenfranchisement, and Dejection
  • Olivia Grob, Class of 2022, Psychology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): The Effects of Isolation during the Coronavirus on Adults in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes and their Adult Children
  • Caroline Hamm, Class of 2022, Communication Studies Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Melissa Click): Lesbian Cinema of 2020: A Critical Analysis of Queer Christmas Films
  • Matthew Ierardi, Class of 2022, Criminology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Forrest Rodgers): The Extent and Effects of Inmate Drug Use in Prison
  • Peter Jonas, Class of 2022, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Bolton): Black Dreams, White Nightmares: Reframing the Intersection of Race, Place, and Urbanity Through the Horror Film
  • Cintia Murillo, Class of 2022, History Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Cassandra Dame-Griff): ¿Cuándo Volveré?: The yearning for homeland within cultural productions of Cumbia
  • Maureen Parks, Class of 2022, History & Environmental Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Donnelly): Keeping the Cream City's Color: A History of Racial Restrictive Covenants in Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods
  • Emma Wood, Class of 2022, Sociology Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Michael DeLand): The Alt-Right Pipeline: Political Radicalization and Deradicalization During the Internet Era
  • Reilly Bettis, Class of 2022, Criminology Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "The Intersectionality of LGBTQ+ and Catholic Identities in College Students"
  • Elena Chiappe, Class of 2021, Classical Civilizations & History Majors, Religious Studies & Catholic Studies Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Amy Pistone): "Ethically Preserving the Past: Monuments and Memory"
  • Garrett DiMarco, Class of 2020, English Major, Sociology Minor (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "The Lived Experience of Forced Migrants in Spokane"
  • Kevin Fagan, Class of 2021, Sociology Major, Economics, Spanish, & Sustainable Business Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "An Investigation into the Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke in the Spokane Area"
  • Grace Henry, Class of 2022, Biology Major, Sociology Minor (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "Experiences of Modern Anti-Semitism in Spokane"
  • Fisher Ng, Class of 2022, Mechanical Engineering Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Melody Alsaker): "A Comparison Study of Reconstruction Methods for Electrical Impedance Tomography"
  • Erin Sellers, Class of 2021, Public Relations & Theatre Majors, Interdisciplinary Arts & Writing Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus): "Expanding Accessibility & Artistry to Classical Music: A Choral Application of Musical Signing"
  • Anthony Willins, Class of 2021, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Brian Cooney): "Why Here? A Digital Exhibit of the KKK at their Historical Height in the Spokane Region"
  • Tieryn Bills, Class of 2020, Sociology & Psychology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Mike DeLand, Sociology): “Exploring Multiple “Logans”: Whose Neighborhood Is It Anyway?”
  • Alyssa Cink, Class of 2020, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Katey Roden, English and Digital Humanities): “Woldson in the Digital Sphere”
  • Kevin Fagan, Class of 2021, Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Joe Jozwiak, Environmental Studies): “Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke in Spokane”
  • Sophia Maggio, Class of 2020, Psychology & Art Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Sarah Arpin, Psychology): “The Stories We Tell: Influences of Gender on Personal Narrative”
  • Erik Rinn, Class of 2021, Psychology & Public Relations Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Emily Clark and Matthew Wilson, Religious Studies): “How to Connect With Nature: An Ethnographic Study of Earth and Spirituality”
  • Georgia Veverka, Class of 2020, English Literature Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Ingrid Ranum, English): “Humanities and Medicine”
  • Luke Westermeyer, Class of 2020, Math & Philosophy Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Tyler Tritten, Philosophy): “The Transmission of Paul as Philosopher (and Anti-Philosopher) in Contemporary Philosophy”
  • Madison Hendricks, Class of 2019, Theatre Arts Major (faculty mentor: Leslie Stamoolis, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Foundations of Silhouette: A Study of 19th Century Undergarments”
  • Andrew Kelley, Class of 2019, Music Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “In the Wake of Tragedy: Examining the Function of Music as a Response to Disaster”
  • Katherine Laco, Class of 2019, Psychology & Religious Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Anastasia Wendlinder, Religious Studies): “Teaching Participation: Vatican II’s Liturgical Reforms and Parish Catechesis in the Diocese of Spokane”
  • Audrey Parks, Class of 2020, Communication Studies Major (faculty mentor: Suzanne Ostersmith, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Professional Dance Performance Preparation”
  • Nick Simmons, Class of 2019, INST-Latin American Studies & Spanish Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Rebecca Marquis, Modern Languages): “Indigenous Resistance Case Studies”
  • Annie Stanger, Class of 2019, Music Education Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Introducing Contemporary Women Art Song Composers to Teachers and Performers”
  • Jessica Albinson, Class of 2018, Criminal Justice & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock, Sociology): “Navigating Gender and Sexual Identity in a ‘Straight’ World: A Study of How College Students Talk About Romantic Relationships”
  • Annica Balentine, Class of 2018, Psychology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Andrea Bertotti-Metoyer, Sociology): “Sterilization Discourse in Medical Textbooks”
  • Mitch Davey, Class of 2018, Music Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Dancing in Harmony: A Documentation of the Traditions & Practices of Choral Music in Zambia”
  • Cole Fairbairn, Class of 2019, Political Science Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Ray Rast, History): “A Christmas Classic: Bing, Berlin, and the Story of ‘White Christmas’”
  • Danielle Forrest, Class of 2018, Computer Science and Computational Thinking & Art Majors and Grace Muljadi, Class of 2018, History & Sociology Majors (faculty mentors: Dr. Rob Bryant, Computer Science and Computational Thinking and Dr. Veta Schlimgen, History): “Walk Gonzaga: An Augmented Reality Walking Historical Tour of Gonzaga”
  • Analee Scott, Class of 2018, International Studies & Spanish Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Mary Jeannot, TESL): “Investigating Multilingual Theory and Practice in Spokane Public Schools”

Engagement in scholarly or creative works facilitates the personal transformation and vocational discernment needed for our students to thrive in their personal and professional journeys.