Alumni & Friends Love Stories

Hannah '19 and Adam '19

Adam Kitz and Hannah Raab met at Gonzaga's Law school in August, 2016. Adam is from Snoqualmie, Washington and Hannah is from Boulder, Colorado. Both planned to finish graduate school in Spokane and then return to their hometowns. Fate had other plans! The 2 became inseparable, finding out school and life was easier together. They were married by Sandra Simpson (a law school professor) in July, 2018. They graduated in May, 2019 and passed the Washington State Bar Exam in July, 2019. Adam is now an associate at Wolff Hislop and Crockett in Spokane Valley and Hannah is an associate at Lukins & Annis in downtown Spokane.

Lovers, lawyers and Zags forever!

Jill '15 and Eric

Eric (Lane) and I met at the one and only — Jack and Dan's! Eric was back in Spokane working a Gonzaga Baseball Camp and I was just starting my senior year as a Zag. We got set up by a mutual friend, and after that night I knew he was pretty special. We dated for a few years and got married June 23rd, 2018 alongside all of our amazing Gonzaga friends! Eric is the head baseball coach at Lower Columbia College and I am a high school math teacher. We now have an Australian Shepherd JD, named after that famous bar where Eric stole my heart — Jack and Dan's. Go Zags!

Jenn '12 and Will '12

Will and Jenn met at Gonzaga Law School and starting dating their 3L year. Both knew it was something special, so Jenn (originally from Reno, NV) decided to stay a little longer than planned in Washington. She eventually convinced Will (a Seattle native) to come to the biggest little city where they had a beautiful wedding at Lake Tahoe surrounded by other Law Zags. They’re expecting a baby boy bulldog in May!

Danielle '99 and John

John and I were both civil engineering majors, but we met in English Literature class. He asked me if I could review one of his papers and I thought he was flirting with me. Turns out, he really did need help with his paper. But I think he liked me too.

Megan '19 and Clayton

Clayton and I met in pep band at a high school football game, my sophomore and his freshman year of high school. After annoyingly forcing my way into his life via homemade cookies, we began dating in December of 2013. I graduated high school in 2015 and started by new life as a Zag at the end of the summer. Clayton and I spent the next year taking turns driving the quick (5 hour) drive between Seattle and Spokane. Maybe it was because of Gonzaga's high reputation as a school, or for basketball, or because of some girl he knew that went there — but the following year, Clayton joined me at Gonzaga.

Four years of studying (three and a half for him), a semester spent traveling New Zealand, many nights spent tenting for basketball tickets, countless evenings spent convincing each other that one more hour of studying would be worth it, and an Engineering Degree and a Business Degree later, we will be getting married in April of 2020!