Gonzaga Day

Students Cheering on Gonzaga Day 2018

Thanks for Celebrating Gonzaga Day!

On Saturday, February 3rd, more than 7,000 Zags all around the world gathered to celebrate their connections with GU. Zags showed their pride by:

  • Cheering on the Gonzaga men’s and women's teams to victory over BYU as the men won 68-60 and the women won 84-70
  • Sharing photos on social using #GonzagaDay
  • Sporting Zag gear all around town


This Gonzaga Day was all the more special as alumni were asked to provide career and other advice with current GU students, which included:

  • “Go for what you want. Don’t hold back. Have faith that God will be there when you need Him. You can do anything - Gonzaga has taught you how.” – Marianne Chambers, ‘90 
  • “55 years after graduating I still look forward to returning to the Campus, which I do annually.  Look forward to helping students financially if you are able to.” – Benjamin Engle, ‘63
  • “Take pride in all you do. You’re a Zag.” – Andy Foster, ‘89

It's not too late to share your advice! What is one thing you wish you had known when you were a student? Share it here!


There are many ways to stay connected to Gonzaga:

  • Supporting students’ career aspirations through the TREK program, providing career advice and mentoring, as well as offering job, internship, and networking opportunities
  • Referring new families to GU
  • Giving to scholarship funds
  • Showing Zag pride all around the world

For more ways to connect with Gonzaga, visit our Alumni page!

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Gonzaga Day Video