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Welcome to ZagsConnect, Gonzaga University’s exclusive online professional network. Easily connect with Gonzaga alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends. Whether you are contemplating what the future looks like after graduation, are early in your career, wish to do business with fellow Zags or expand your professional network, or making a change or reentering the workforce, the Zag Network is the place to start. We also invite you to share your own career path experience and industry knowledge with students and other alumni. ZagsConnect allows you to indicate exactly how you’d like to utilize the network and be involved.

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ZagsConnect benefits and features:

  • Enables students and alumni to identify potential mentor matches or networking contacts and request to connect via the platform and through email.
  • Easily update your profile whenever you like, as you experience a change in career title, added an expertise or interest.
  • Indicate how you want to connect—how many mentees you are open to work with, changes status from being open to new mentors or placing profile on hold when you need to be inactive.
  • Use the Groups feature to easily connect with those with similar degrees, interests, affiliations and geographical locations.
  • Use the Projects feature to post a professional project you would like a current student to complete so they can gain experience relevant to their field of choice, while assisting you.
  • Expand your Zag network and connect with alumni in businesses around the world.

For assistance, email Kori Baker, assistant director, Alumni Programs.

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