Front of College Hall on Gonzaga University's campus

Gonzaga University Alumni Affinity Communities

Alumni Affinity Communities are groups of alumni, parents, students, and friends of the university that self-organize based on common experiences and interests.

Serves Gonzaga’s self-identified diverse alumni and seeks to intentionally connect alumni and students of color through educational, social, and professional development, and philanthropic programming rooted in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Unites all members of the Gonzaga community who have served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. It is predominantly comprised of alumni who graduated from the Gonzaga Army ROTC program but is also open to any alumni or friends of Gonzaga University who are currently serving as military professionals, and any veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Serves Gonzaga’s native community alumni and seeks to intentionally connect alumni and native students through educational, social and professional development.


Seeks to strengthen the network of LGBTQ+ alumni, cultivate student to alumni connections through educational, social, professional development, and philanthropic programming.