Week 1

Mary-Lee '60

Though I was in the GU class of 1960, I received my Masters in Religious Studies in 2000. The entire journey through Gonzaga was revelatory and transformative! In the beginning of the beginning I was not a critical thinker, nor was I very mature ! Something happened that taught me , slowly at first, how to think broadly and deeply. Spiritually, this time was right before Vatican11. The changes that ensued were similar to putting a man on the moon! Yes, those times were unprecedented to almost all time in recorded history! In those earlier GU days students had to have what was almost a major in both Religion and Philosophy!

Now, I understand that that is not the case. When I returned for a Masters in Religious Studies many years later, the entire manner of the studies were transformed ! So was I. In many ways GU saved my life ! I became addicted to reading and research and always asking the next question. Being married to my husband Leon who I met at GU, and subsequently raising 8 children, and being an instructor at The Community Colleges if Spokane for 31 years , were all greatly influenced by the ground work that was set from the beginning in 1960! GU us a place of life long learning long after walking down the steps from College Hall and walking out into the world. What a love story that was and continues to be! Happy Valentines Day, Gonzaga

Charlotte '86 and Duane

I met my husband on a group motorcycle trip to NASA in Houston, TX--a dream trip for me. We were instant friends by the 2nd day of the trip. We had lots in common (Star Trek, NASA, and more!), lots to talk about, and had both just ended toxic relationships. He was a gentleman, funny, sweet, and interested in what I had to say, which was new for me. And he respected and got along great with my two teen sons and had two sons nearly the exact same ages who liked my sons, too. He was a dream come true! We fell in love before returning from the trip and have been married for 25 years now! He has been my # 1 volunteer (for 20 years!) at the free clinic I run in Lewiston, Idaho. My husband, Duane Ash, ROCKS! And I truly do love him.

Aubrey '14 and Kendall '14

I met Kendall (Tait) on the freshman boat dance during freshman orientation weekend. We had an instant connection and danced the night away! We began officially dating our Sophomore year at GU. We are now happily married and live in San Diego, CA with our daughter, Nora — who was named after Nora Ave in the Logan neighborhood. Go Zags!

Brian and McKenzie '16

Brian and I met at the end of my sophomore year at Gonzaga. I was no stranger to the 700 block of Mission Ave. in Spokane, and spent lots of time there with my best friend and her now husband. It was the beginning of a Spokane Summer when my friends and I decided to go over to Brian's house. When we first met, I was trying to convince him and some of his roommates to be on my Hoopfest team. Brian willingly volunteered. That Hoopfest I exposed myself as a terrible, smack talking basketball player with a loud mouthed best friend... and Brian still liked me after all of that! I was skeptical, but his basketball skills were pretty persuasive.

We text back and forth almost every day of Summer 2014 and I spent many Fridays driving over to Spokane from the west side to visit. I finally told him I liked him and since then, we've been inseparable. 720 Mission became my second home — as stinky as it was — and we joked about how all of his friends became my boyfriends. After how many times I cleaned their kitchen, they should have all been dating me.

On our first date, I thought we were going to go somewhere in downtown Spokane. Brian picked me up in his Oldsmobile Intrigue, a car he only played smooth jazz radio in. We drove around Gonzaga's campus, but ended up back at his house, where his friends (all of my boyfriends) were dressed up as our waiters, hosts, and valets. The ambiance was fancy and the staff was drunk. I thought I would never get the chance to dine at such a fine establishment again, but got the opportunity to dine once again on July 3rd, 2019 — all of our friends gathered, served us dinner and drinks, and then Brian proposed!

Over the last 5 years we have gone from Spokane to Redwood City, CA, now back to the Tacoma area, and Brian has finally gotten out of being on my Hoopfest team. We share a strong love for Gonzaga basketball, good beer, and quality time with friends and family. We are also now the Co-Presidents of the Tacoma Zag Alumni chapter and love spending time with our dog — Remi Barkamus — named after Gonzaga legend, Rem Bakamus.

Sheila '18

Getting stuck in Spokane after an immersion weekend in Jan when the Greyhound stopped service to Missoula. I called a fellow classmate and we had dinner at the Davenport and I stayed with her that night at Ruby's. As future APRN's we found a lot to talk about!

We stayed up and were able to network with an acclaimed oncologist in Penn for a new targeted biologic chemotherapy for a friend with terminal cancer which was successful!

David - GU Parent

"Over 30 years ago I met the love of my life and two years later married her. She has endured with me the tough times and embraced the good. We were fortunate to bring into life two wonderful joys who continue to make us proud with their empathy for others, humor, sense of adventure, commitment to faith and a desire to bring good to their community. We have also been fortunate to have top-shelf family and friends in our life- we are far more complete with you.

This Valentines, I would like to share how special each of you are in my life and say I LOVE YOU! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY."

Krista '04 and Scott '01

Gonzaga has brought many couples together over the decades. For some it just takes (much) longer than others. In early 2016 Krista Rammelsberg ’04 attended the wedding of her Gonzaga classmate and longtime friend, Kevin O'Brien. During that weekend, Kevin's brother Scott O'Brien ’01 and Krista finally connected. He was a senior when she was a freshman and while they had many friends in common and had seen each other over the years it took this wedding for them to find each other.

Following that weekend, the two embarked on a long-distance relationship. Through weekends traveling back and forth between Spokane and Seattle, trips to watch Gonzaga basketball, and other adventures, their relationship grew.

About two and a half years, and many Alaska Airlines flights later, Krista accepted Scott’s proposal in June 2018. Later that summer Krista relocated to Spokane and the two were married at the Davenport Hotel in May of 2019. Their friend, Gonzaga Professor Andrew Brajcich was the officiant at their wedding.

Angela '93 and Vern '93

"My husband, Vern (also Class of ‘93), and I met freshman year and the first time I saw him was at Orientation in the Cataldo. I thought he was cute. Little did I know that we would spend the next four years together in the Bulldog Battalion of Gonzaga Army ROTC! Of course, we were only friends for the first three years, as we were highly competitive and couldn’t let the other win.

My mom used to tell me that “love is friendship that catches fire” and she was right! We got engaged in September of our Senior Year and were married in May. In fact, we got married on Friday, commissioned into the Army on Saturday, and graduated on Sunday — needless to say it was a wonderful weekend!

In May, we will celebrate 27 years of marriage and we are thankful to God each day for bringing us together!"

Sierra '16 and Kevin '16

Who would've thought that a 100-level Comm class would be where you would meet the love of your life? Seamlessly, 2 people did not: Gonzaga alums Sierra Schmitt & Kevin Hernandez. As Autumn leaves were shedding in 2014, a Southern California blonde & Filipino Spokane native were deemed classmates at God's fate. Graduating in 2016 with little interaction, the two individuals were equipped with degrees to conquer the world.

Little did they know, their paths would cross yet again 4 years after that class together. In the fall of 2018, Sierra flew up to Spokane for a wedding reconnecting with Kevin. 1 weekend. 1 date and 1 synced mindset to make it all work. After 4 months of dating long distance, Kevin moved down to Orange County to be with Sierra.

Over 1 year later, falling deeper in love each day with many exciting plans for the future. Both are SO grateful for Gonzaga. GO Zags!

Marit '19 and Spencer '20

I graduated from Gonzaga in 2019 after playing on the GU Women’s Volleyball team. I met Spencer back in high school and we both ended up going to Gonzaga (he is class of 2020). Over this winter break he got down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes, and we are so excited to start our lives together (officially)!

Brian '93 and Kerstin '93

This is a story of two Zags, married almost 30 years after meeting as incoming Freshmen.

Kerstin McInnis and I met at an incoming Freshmen social in Portland, Oregon. We never dated. Rather, we orbited around each other, sharing many mutual friends. During our sophomore year, Kerstin was a Seton and I was a Knight. We shared many experiences as members of those service organizations.

Fast forward twenty plus years, and we reconnected via social media. A few years after that, we reconnected in person. After a series of official dates (and several years), Kerstin decided she liked me enough for it to be official. She said yes.

We were married 5 years (to the day) of our first official date, on July 21st, 2018.

We shared our special day with 75 of our closest friends and family, many of whom are also Zags. It only took 29 years, but I am so happy we finally made it.