A Taste of the Program

A survey was taken of Honors students to provide a glimpse into life in the Honors Program. Here are their characteristically quirky and grammatically immaculate answers...

What is your favorite thing about being in the Honors Program?

"I love that I have a group that I instantly belong to. I know the people and they know and care about me." -Sarah Dupont, Class of 2011

"I love the intellectual community. Passion and curiosity are contagious and Honors lets us bounce off of each other and mix things up between majors and disciplines while we come up with ideas and just have fun!" - Sara Reed, Class of 2015

"My favorite thing about the Honors Program is the instant family you have when you join. You become very good friends with your classmates pretty fast and even develop friendships with upperclassmen, which comes in handy when you are inquiring about studying abroad or picking classes. It is a great support system, especially in your first semester of college." -Kate Griffith, Class of 2012

"The people, the people, the people." - Isaac Saldivar, Class of 2015

"The strong community you are instantly a part of and a network of older students who are willing to share their words of wisdom with younger students. Everyone has different interests and passions, but we are all able to bond over similar classes and professors and revel in our... unique sense of humor." - Aaron Danowski, Class of 2017

What is your favorite thing about the honors classes and colloquia?

"My favorite thing about the Honors colloquia is the discussion based atmosphere. The professors are genuinely interested in hearing the class think out loud about a particular subject in order to gain a deeper understanding of that concept. We are not lectured to and we have the ability to discuss what our views are. This atmosphere is vital in order to further independent thinking and free expression." - Demetra Davis, Class of 2009

 "Honors classes are discussion based and as students we are able to really guide the conversation. Not only that, but discussions spill over into lunch hours and late night study sessions or paper writing/revising parties." - Aaron Danowski, Class of 2017

"My favorite thing about the Honors classes is that they are so discussion based, with tons of student involvement. Your ideas are needed for the class to function, so it really gets you integrated into the learning process. Instead of saying 'professor, teach me,' you end up saying 'professor, help me teach myself.'" - Macklen Scribner, Class of 2016

"We can argue all we want about pretty much anything, but we still love each other." - Isaac Saldivar, Class of 2015