(ZAGS experience adventure life) August 21 - 24, 2017 

ZEAL (N): great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause, in this case, the cause is bringing first year students together to fall in love with Spokane and connect with each other.

ZEAL is a fun and exciting pre-orientation trip for 30 incoming first year students.  ZEAL is a great opportunity to connect with other incoming first year students who are also game for adventure, and to meet our awesome student leaders. The Monday before orientation we’ll gather at Campion Hall and begin our adventure. You will spend three nights and 4 days adventuring in and around Spokane, each night coming back to the Gonzaga campus to rest up.

Each day you will embark on a new adventure. One day is spent with Native American Tribal leadership and then hiking one of Spokane’s scenic hikes. Another day you’ll spend the day rafting down class II and III rapids with river guides. Another day is spent biking out (about 20 miles) to Green Bluff, learning about sustainable farming along the way. After dinner each night, we will wrap up the night with fun, evening activities. We will return to campus just in time for New Student Orientation. This is a great bonding experience for the incoming students and an opportunity for them to meet upper division students.

Registration Cost: $185*