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Student organization advisors have been a part of students' extracurricular activities since the 1890s when the administration encouraged the development of student organizations in order to discourage young men from frequenting local saloons.

Today, organization advisors continue to play a vital role in the lives of students. They give of themselves and their time to enhance the co-curricular experiences of our students. We thank you for your dedication and commitment as a student organization advisor. We are here to help support you in your work as a student organization advisor.

Each advisor perceives his/her relation to a student organization differently. Some Advisors play very active roles, attending meetings, working with student officers, and assisting in program planning and development. Others maintain a more distant relationship to the organization. It is hoped that each Advisor will maintain some regular contact with his/her organization.

An Advisor accepts responsibility for keeping informed about activities of the organization and for advising officers of the organization on the appropriateness and general merits of policies and activities. However, Advisors are not responsible for the actions or policies of student organizations; students are solely responsible. Advisors should be both accessible and interested and should provide whatever counsel a group or its members might seek. Given the myriad of purposes, activities, and objectives of various student groups, the role of the Advisor will vary in some degree between groups.

As groups vary in their expectations and needs, it is important that you, as an Advisor, develop an understanding with the organization you are to represent as to the nature of your involvement. The Advisor and group should agree on a set of expectations of one another from the onset and should write this list down as a contract between the group and the Advisor.

On this webpage you will find a number of resources available to you, from past presentations at advisor brown bags to handy articles and documents from student affairs associations.

Please see our Advisor Handbook

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