Shared Classroom Initiative

The CTA invites all Gonzaga faculty to participate in a program called the Shared Classroom Initiative. The purpose of the Shared Classroom Initiative is to generate meaningful conversation about our teaching by organizing opportunities for interested faculty members to see each other in action—teaching in the classroom. Few of us would classify ourselves as “expert” teachers, and yet most of us would concede that because we tackle the same kinds of challenges and opportunities, day in and day out, we all have things others can learn from us, and that we can learn from others.

The Shared Classroom Initiative encourages discussion about the teaching practices we engage in by inviting our peers into our classrooms to observe what we do on an average day—to take a look at what we teach and how we teach, and to follow up those observations with conversations about why and how we do what we do. In short, this program proposes that we “share” our classrooms as a way of exchanging ideas about the daily work we privilege most at Gonzaga: our teaching.

All participation by hosts and visitors is voluntary, and you may offer and/or visit as many courses as you wish. All visits will take place during a two-week period, generally in the first third of the semester. You can find information on the dates of the current initiative by clicking on "This year's initiative", to the left. More information about the initiative in general is on the "Q and A" page. To share a course with others, or sign up to visit a course, click on the appropriate links to the left. We hope you will join us!