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Why Pursue Health Professions at Gonzaga

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Academic Preparation and Co-Curricular Development

Along with the university core, Gonzaga pre-health students will have available to them all of their pre-requisite course work for graduate studies in a professional health sciences program.


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Spokane is the Major Hub For Healthcare in the Inland Northwest

Gonzaga students benefit from the growth of graduate professional healthcare programs in Spokane.


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Core Compentencies

Core competencies reflect the qualities that health professions programs look for in candidates and embody the values of Gonzaga’s Jesuit and humanistic tradition.


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UW / GU Regional Health Partnership

The collaboration between the University of Washington School of Medicine and Gonzaga University provides unique opportunities for Gonzaga pre-health students.



Alumni Spotlight

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Georgia Veverka, English Major, Class of 2020

Georgia Veverka
English Major, Class of 2020

My English major introduced me to the importance of studying literature to develop my capacity for empathy. Throughout various courses, I read texts written from the perspectives of individuals vastly different from myself, and through in-class discussions, research papers, and group presentations, I gained a more nuanced understanding of how others may react to, interpret, and reconcile with their unique circumstances. Throughout the progression of my courses, I became interested in this connection between literature and empathy, and I ultimately used my senior thesis to explore how contemporary literature can function to provide lessons in tolerance and compassion. As I reflect on my undergraduate education, I feel confident that my time spent in English courses has prepared me to practice medicine with an eye for the whole person.

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