Quick Facts

The Incoming Class of 2017 By The Numbers

Traditional Class
 Enrolled  118
 Average Age 25
 Women 53%
 Underrepresented Minorities 19%
 Number of States Represented 25
 25th Percentile LSAT 151
 Median LSAT 153
 75th Percentile LSAT 156
 25th Percentile GPA 3.07
 Median GPA 3.30
 75th Percentile GPA 3.55
 *These statistics are based on fall enrollment, August 15, 2017

Academic Success

These deserving 1L students were picked out of a group of 905 applicants. Dean Korn shared with the students at orientation, “You were chosen because we believe in your ability to succeed as a law student and as a lawyer.” The Admissions Committee found many extraordinary qualities in this year’s incoming class. Not only have they been successful academically, achieving a median LSAT score of 153 and a median undergraduate GPA of 3.3, but they have unique and valuable life experiences that will enrich their time in law school.


The 118 students come from 25 different states and 19% self-identify as coming from an ethnically diverse background.


Keeping in line with the Gonzaga Law mission, our 1L class has the required substantive knowledge and practical skills but also the ethical values we expect.

A Bright Future

These achievements are just the beginning. Their journey through law school begins today and will continue for the next two or three years but we are most excited about the things these students will be empowered to accomplish once they receive their J.D. from Gonzaga Law. We expect great things from all of our students and congratulation this new incoming class on what they have already achieved.