Academic Resource Program

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisor is available to assist you in selecting courses and developing a career plan. Your advisor is also available to advise and assist you with respect to any academic difficulties you may encounter, including developing an individualized academic plan that suits your experience and learning style. Please remember that it is always better to be proactive and to seek assistance before any problem becomes acute.

Although you will be assigned a faculty advisor upon your arrival at Gonzaga Law School, please know that all of our faculty have an open-door policy and are available to advise you on a wide range of academic and personal matters.

ABA Law School Academic Success Project

The ABA Law School Academic Success Project is a website maintained by the American Association of Law Schools to help provide information and resources for students attending or considering law school.

Academic Resource Program

The Academic Resource Program is a program designed especially for first-year law students as a way to get additional assistance in law school. The 11-week program consists of 1 1-hour class each week, focused on a particular area of Law School learning.

Academic Resource Program student advisors are 2L and 3L students.

What happens in the ARP

  • The work that students do as part of the Academic Resource Program is tied directly into class preparation for the first-year classes.
  • Group sessions are held to develop essential law school skills such as case briefing, outlining, test preparation, and test taking.
  • Upper-level law students (ARP student advisors) work with ARP law students to improve performance in first-year classes by providing the students individual instruction and guidance in the critical skills necessary for law school.
  • Practice test taking sessions use the test format, including past tests, that students will encounter from a particular class or professor.

Attending ARP Sessions

An informational meeting is held during the first few weeks of each year. You do not need to officially enroll or RSVP for ARP sessions; you just need to show up.

2012 ARP Sessions

Week 1: Introduction to the ARP, including structure of the first year and case briefing.

Week 2: Routine and study skills, including note taking..

Week 3: Outlining 101

Week 4: Introduction to IRAC

Week 5: Exam Prep, including ExamSoft

Week 6: Exam Prep, continued Week 7: LRW

Week 8: LRW Continued

Week 9: More outlining

Week 10: No class. Individual meetings throughout the week

Week 11: Example midterm and exam prep for finals

Student Bar Association Tutorials

The Gonzaga Student Bar Association (SBA) provides optional review and tutorial sessions, conducted by second- and third-year law students, for many first-year courses.