Gonzaga Law Review Editorial Board

Volume 59 Editorial Board 2023-2024

Editor-in-Chief: Echo D. Fatsis
Executive Editor: Joshua Clayton
Managing Editor: Jessica D. Herzer
Technical Editor: Nate Sargent
Production Editors: Renee Witherspoon
Professional Articles Editors: Laine Ellison & Jacquelyn Nader
Student Articles Editor: Spencer Jacobs & Ruth M. Lynes
Operations Editor: Abbie Liechty

Incoming Volume 60 Editorial Board 2024-2025

Editor-in-Chief: David Slifka
Executive Editor: Courtney Kuhlmann
Managing Editor: Ann Kalisuch
Technical Editor: Shaw Lowry
Production Editor: Bailia Milne
Professional Article Editors: Kaci Graber and Price Anderson
Student Article Editors: Josh Gray and Carolyn Powers
Operations Editor: Greg Lansing

Faculty Advisors

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Program Innovation Agnieszka McPeak
Assistant Professor Drew Simshaw