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Our curriculum is made up of four core courses (12 credits) and six electives (18 credits).

We have outlined recommended course progression plans based on your undergraduate degree.



Master’s Courses

Required Core Courses

  • TADP 541 Distribution System Design
  • TADP 542 Substation Design
  • TADP 556 Engineering Leadership
  • TADP 641 Power System Analysis

Electives – Choose 6

  • TADP 521 Utility Communication
  • TADP 540 T-Line Design Introduction
  • TADP 543 Grid Operations
  • TADP 544 Project Development
  • TADP 545 System Protection
    Recommended Prerequisite: TADP 641 Power System Analysis
  • TADP 547 Underground System Design
  • TADP 548 T-Line Electrical Aspects
  • TADP 549 T-Line Structures & Foundations
    Recommended Prerequisite: TADP 540 T-Line Design Introduction and TADP 640 T-Line Design Introduction
  • TADP  Renewables and Grid Integration
  • TADP 553 System Automation
    Recommended Prerequisite: TADP 541 Distribution System Design and TADP 641 Power System Analysis
  • TADP 640 T-Line Design Advanced 
    Recommended Prerequisite: TADP 540 T-Line Design Introduction 
  • TADP 680Special Topics
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Leveling Courses

We understand and appreciate that you likely have a great deal of experience; however, we have found that to ensure you have a solid foundation in fundamental electrical and civil engineering concepts we strongly recommended that you consider taking additional leveling courses prior to taking our master’s courses.

These courses are not part of your curriculum and the credits do not apply to the  credits required to earn the master’s degree.

TADP 500 Foundations of Power Systems

Designed for students who do not hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. This course will provide a comprehensive review of essential materials associated with generation, transmission, and distribution systems; foundations of electrical circuits as applied to power systems; and modeling/analysis of power systems.

TADP 501 Essential Foundations of Transmission Line Components

Designed for students who do not hold a B.S. in Civil Engineering. This course will provide all the essential foundational materials associated with the basic processes for designing an overhead transmission line.

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