M.Ed. In Educational Leadership Student Learning Outcomes

M. Ed. in Educational Leadership (Online) Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students will complete the program in four semesters and be prepared with the professional training to:
    • Develop as a reflective, educational leader committed to a spirit of inquiry and social justice
    • Utilize research and apply theory to practical experiences
    •  Apply systems and critical thinking to issues in their local context
    • Create a portfolio with tangible action steps to improve student learning and/or the professional environment for stakeholders
    • Engage in self-discovery, personal growth and development
    • Identify opportunities to influence others in a school setting toward a common vision
  2. The M.Ed.’s online cohort is a rich learning environment that introduces students to fellow educators with diverse experiences and creates an atmosphere of collaboration guided by expert faculty. Students will:
    • Experience the benefits of diverse and collaborative learning
    • Grow in a dynamic online environment that fosters community
    • Enhance and accentuate their professional work
    • Use their local school or district for a context of study
    • Develop life-long networks
    • Collaborate with stakeholders for a more inclusive culture