Tuition & Financing


  • $850* USD per credit
  • 43 credit program
  • $36,550* USD total

Financing Options

Professional Improvement Funding

Many school districts and businesses offer financial assistance for those who pursue master's degrees. It is recommended that you contact the Human Resources Unit in your district and/or your Professional Association Representative to determine what is provided and the details and requirements involved.

Educational Grants and Scholarships

Although some financial aid may be accessed nationally, the sources of grants, bursaries and scholarships in education differ from province to province. For example, the Alberta Teachers Association provides grants, bursaries and scholarships through the Educational Trust. Many Gonzaga grads have benefited from this source of funds.

  • Lifelong Learning Plan
    Revenue Canada offers the opportunity to draw upon your Registered Retirement Savings Plan for educational purposes. Applicants are advised to explore that information here.
  • Student Aid
    Alberta and British Columbia both offer financial aid options to students. To learn more about your eligibility and individual options, view them online: Alberta and British Columbia.
  • Private Loans through banks or credit unions
    Do you already have a banking relationship established? Depending on the institution, rates may be more competitive than others. Checking multiple sources allows you to shop around to find your most favorable situation.
  • Payment Plans
    Student Accounts will work with you to review the options and to develop a plan that will work for you. For questions, visit Student Accounts, email them at, or give them a call at (509) 313-6582.

*Tuition costs are subject to change.