General Questions:

The tuition rate for Fall 2020 is $805/credit hour (USD). Check out our Canadian financial aid resources for additional avenues of funding.
As the counselling profession is characterized by solid personal relationships, our classes are taught face-to-face by full time Gonzaga University professors and adjunct faculty. Many of our adjunct faculty are Canadian residents who have extensive experience within the field. We remain committed to bringing students a model of excellence in content, delivery, and direct feedback.
Our Master of Counselling program is designed so that students can maintain their lives and well-being in addition to attending graduate school on a full-time basis. The faculty place the highest value on family and relationships, as well as in maintaining mental health. Commonly, students travel some distance to attend class; in this case, it is the responsibility of each student to plan with their place of employment so that they can be in full attendance. Your commitment to graduate study at this level takes time and energy. As such, you can count on our understanding and support.
The program is completed in two years. It is delivered using a cohort model.
The increasingly cohesive and non-competitive group of approximately 20 students remains together throughout the duration of the program. The faculty engender open communications systems, characterized by forthrightness and courage in all facets of program-related work. Many assignments are collaborative, making effective teamwork essential to success. This is an ideal opportunity for practitioners to form close professional networks to rely on throughout their counseling career.
Classes meet approximately twice a month, during Friday evening (5 - 9pm) and Saturday morning (8am - 2pm). Please note: The above information is subject to change at the faculty’s discretion.
Each new cohort alternates between British Columbia and Alberta. The 2021 cohort will take place in Kelowna, the 2022 cohort will be in Alberta, and the 2023 cohort will return to BC.
As scientist-practitioners, we honor the rich traditions and knowledge within the psychology profession. Although a bachelor's degree in psychology is not a pre-requisite for admission, it is highly recommended. For applicants without this degree, we provide a reading list in preparation for a knowledge-based competency exam. Students must pass this exam prior to advancement to candidacy. Contact the Counselor Education department at 509-313-6290 or 866-380-5323 for more information.
There are two residencies that take place on the Gonzaga University campus in Spokane. The first is one month long and occurs in the summer between year one and year two. During this immersion, you will take two of your classes with your cohort. Students continue to describe this residency as one of their most challenging and most rewarding experiences. 

The second residency occurs during the final, summer term and is typically completed in late June or the beginning of July. Students participate in the final Professional Seminar to close-out the program with their cohort and faculty. During this time, students orally defend their Personal Theory of Counselling paper.
A new cohort begins each Fall Semester.
The application will open in September. The priority deadline is January 13, 2021. All applications received after the above date will only be considered on a rolling basis. Once the cohort reaches capacity, additional applications will not be reviewed by faculty. To ensure full consideration, please submit all required materials by the priority deadline.
In addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements, the faculty hold comprehensive interviews to screen potential candidates. In-person interviews are offered in Canada, typically during March; however, the exact date of interviews may vary from year to year. We highly value the range of life experiences and educational backgrounds of our students, which contribute to the rich diversity of our cohort.

For Additional Questions:

Heather Schmitt 
Call or Text (509) 313-6240 or (866) 380-5323