For Students


Eva Gallagher 

The English curriculum centers on developing the Whole Person: this is a deep Jesuit value that also fosters skills for navigating the world today. Our English major offers flexibility and relevance. You’ll study diverse voices; the power of language; and traditions, and have opportunities to explore current issues and ideas and to connect them historically, culturally, and critically.

Why study English?

  • Because skilled understanding of narrative in literature and writing is a key expertise: in the workplace, stories are what spark connection and motivate change.
  • Because the Humanities train you to frame new questions, understand nuances of human expression, and illuminate other disciplines and fields with thoughtful reflection on human values and complexity.
  • Because English majors are trained to be solvers of complex, unstructured problems. You will develop skills in listening, humanizing, navigating complex information, and the ability to shift focus from data to values.