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In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global market, professionals with a background in economics are in high demand across industries. The Economics Program in Gonzaga University's College of Arts & Sciences provides a strong foundation in U.S. and global economics, while building practical knowledge and skills for business-related careers.

Our program addresses questions like: What drives the prices of goods? What causes a recession? Why are some countries wealthier than others? Courses explore business and consumer behaviors (microeconomics) as well as national and global economies (macroeconomics). We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor.

A broad economics education can prepare you for a variety of careers. In addition to working in business, our B.A. in Economics graduates are positioned for opportunities in government, law and nonprofit organizations. Our B.S. program, which includes extensive mathematics coursework, can serve as a stepping stone into a graduate economics program.

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