Getting academic credit for an internship

An internship is an experience that allows a student to apply academic knowledge and skills - while learning new knowledge and skills - within a professional work environment. Undergraduates in their junior or senior year are eligible to earn up to a total of 3 academic credits through the internship program.

Internships are an academic experience. Therefore, students must create learning goals and receive approval for internship credits BEFORE internship hours are started. Internships are not approved retroactively. In other words, students cannot apply for credit for an internship that is already completed. All internships must receive prior approval to count toward academic credit. Only three internship credits or waivers can count toward a student’s degree. For example, if the student has already completed a zero-credit internship that waived three experiential credits, the student cannot take more academic internship credits.

To register for an internship, a student must have at least 60 credits of coursework completed and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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