How to Work While at GU

We are excited you are interested in working while at GU! Our goal is to guide you through your student employment job search. Follow these ideas to ensure you’re on the right path for your future career! Reach out to our office during any step for personalized assistance.

  1. Define the type of work you can apply for and when to begin your job search.
    • Work study eligible?
    • On campus or off campus?
    • Searching for academic year or summer?

  2. Map out your time availability
    • Be realistic
    • Strike a balance between your academics, work, and social commitments

  3. Outline your skill set and compose your application materials
    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • References
    • Transcripts
    • Portfolio pieces

  4. Conduct your job search and begin to apply
    • Visit ZagsIgnite for current employment opportunities
    • Apply for several positions of interest

  5. Follow up with employers
    • Send an email or call further expressing your interest
    • Confirm receipt of application materials

  6. Prepare for interview phase
    • Visit company or departmental website
    • Begin your professional brand
    • What is your elevator speech?

    First day on the job?
    All student employees need to complete required documents.