Own a bike? Be sure to register it with GU Campus Security.

Bike Parking and Storage  

Bike Parking Map 

This map of campus can filter to show all bike racks, bike storage lockers, and indoor/covered bike parking on campus. To filter, use the button in the upper-left corner. 


Locking Your Bike 

Most incidents of bike theft happen due to flexible, cable-style locks. To lock your bike safely, use a metal U-shaped lock through the frame of your bike. These locks are available for students to purchase for $10 at GU Outdoors Bike Shop (202 E. Sharp). See the video below for campus security's demonstration of how to lock a bike. 



Preparing for a Bike Commute

Biking is not only good for the environment, it's a healthy, refreshing way to get to campus. Use these resources to get ready for your next trip on two wheels.

Mapping a Route

Here are some tips for planning your next trip on two wheels:

  • Consider distance, traffic, and road width/condition.
  • Use the interactive map of cycling routes in Spokane to find a route that works for you!
  • Test a new route on the weekend.


With any transportation, it is important to keep safety in mind at all times. Check out some of our safety tips to make your next bike ride more enjoyable!

  • Use a bike light: Front and rear bike lights are available from Gonzaga's Office of Sustainability for free! Call (509) 313-5571 or stop by 521 E. Sharp during business hours to pick one up.
  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Be visible and predictable: Wear bright clothing, signal, and follow all road laws.
  • Treat bikes like vehicles: Bikes are vehicles and should be treated as such. If a lane is too narrow to share or you are biking the same speed as traffic, take the lane.

Taking a Bike on the Bus

Combining biking and busing is a great (and often faster) way to reach your destination. For example, most bus routes in Spokane lead to the STA Plaza Downtown. Consider taking the nearest bus route to reach the plaza, then take a short and enjoyable ride to Gonzaga’s campus. All STA buses are equipped to carry bicycles. For more information on how to bring a bike on the bus, check out this quick video from the Spokane Transit Authority.


For more information about buses in Spokane, see Bus Transportation at Gonzaga.


Gonzaga's Rudolph Fitness Center has showers and changing facilities that are open all day for staff, faculty, and students to use.


Gonzaga Bike Shop

GU Outdoors runs a full-service bike shop on campus. Find it at 202 E. Sharp, between Kennedy and Burch Apartments. The bike shop also has tools (including a bike pump for inflating tires) and a bike stand. These tools are available for Zags to use; anyone can service their own bike for free.

No appointment is necessary for bike service.

Bike Shop Hours

  • 9:00-5:00, Monday - Friday 


  • Air Up Tires : Free
  • Bolt Check : Free 
  • Headset Adjustment : Free 
  • Tightening Crank Arms : Free 
  • Tube Replacement/Customer Supplies Tube : $10/$5
  • Brake Adjustment : Either $5
  • Derailleur Adjustment : $5 
  • Hub Adjustment : $5 
  • Chain Install & Sizing : $5 
  • Cassette/Freewheel Replace : $5 
  • Shifter Flush : $5 
  • Tubeless Tire Setup : $5
  • Cable/Housing Install : $10 + parts
  • Headset Install : $10
  • Brake Bleed & Adjustment : $15 
  • Wheel True : First 30 min $15, after 30 min staff discretion
  • Bike Assembly/Pack : $40 

Bike Shop Contact Information

Check out Gonzaga Outdoors' Bike Shop webpage for additional information.