Remote Work Carpooling and More

Remote Work

Teleworking, or working from home, is considered a sustainable alternative to driving because it alleviates traffic congestion, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. If you've worked from home in the last month, you can log it as a commute alternative.

Compressed Work Schedules

Compressed work schedules are a kind of work option where employees can choose to work full-time hours in fewer days. For example, an employee could work 10 hours a day, 4 days a week, instead of the traditional 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Find more information on compressed work schedules on the CommuteSmartNW website.

Because a compressed work schedule means fewer trips to work and less traffic during peak rush hours, it also qualifies as a commute alternative.

Carpooling & Vanpooling


Carpooling is a great option to commute more sustainably, especially if you live in an area with other employees that work a similar schedule. Gonzaga also offers designated parking spots at reduced rates for carpoolers.

If you're interested in carpooling, visit CommuteFinderNW. Once you’ve registered, this tool automatically matches you with employees who live nearby and share similar work schedules, helping you find a greener ride to work.


Vanpooling is just like carpooling, but with a vehicle owned by Spokane Transit Authority. For groups of more than 3 employees who live further away from campus, forming a vanpool group can be a great commute option. Groups can decide a common meeting location, time and route that works for them. Learn more about Vanpooling from STA.

Vanpooling fees are paid monthly. Rates are listed below.

  • Employees who live in Spokane County: $60/month.
  • Employees who live in Stevend or Kootenai County: $80/month.
  • Employees who live in all other counties: $100/month.

To find other employees interested in vanpooling, please log on to CommuteFinderNW to meet others with similar interest and destinations, or reach out to Gonzaga's Zero Emission Transportation Coordinator, Caleb Yoder at

Lime Electric Vehicles

Lime scooters and bikes are electric vehicles available for use on or off-campus. To use a vehicle, first download the Lime app on your phone. Once you create your account, locate a Lime close by on the in-app map and scan the QR code to unlock it. Done!

Rates & Restrictions

  • Rates are $1 to unlock the scooter or bike, and an additional $0.39 charge per-minute that the vehicle is in use. For example, a 10-minute ride on a lime scooter costs $4.90.
  • To unlock and operate a Lime e-scooter or e-bike, you must be 18 years or older.
  • Lime e-scooters slow down to 7 MPH within campus bounds. Read more about the campus speed limit.