Tracking Your Commute

A crucial part of Gonzaga's commitment to sustainability is reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips that are taken to and from out campus. Moreover, as a large employer, Gonzaga is required by Washington State Law to implement programming aimed at promoting alternative forms of commuting.

Keeping track of how GU faculty and staff are getting to work is an essential part of this work. Luckily, tracking commutes is incredibly simple, and employees that commute sustainably at least 1x a month are entered to win prizes. Each time you commute sustainable, your name is entered in a prize raffle!

To sign up, make an account with CommuteSmartNW and enter ELQN as Gonzaga's worksite code. Once you've registered, take a few seconds to select how you get to work under "My Calendar." That's it!

It's easy, takes only a few minutes, and the more you participate, the more chances you have to win.

Gonzaga Raffle Prizes

This month, Gonzaga is partnering with local restaurants to give away two gift cards. The two winners of the raffle have the chance to win:

  • One $25 gift card to Madeline's Café
  • One $25 gift card to Soulful Soups

Spokane County Raffle Prizes

There is also an opportunity to be entered in a county-wide raffle through CommuteSmartNW. This is a monthly raffle that gives away gift cards to a business of the winner's choice. This month they are giving away 19 gift cards, with the following amounts:

  • 1 $250 gift card
  • 3 $100 gift cards
  • 5 $50 gift cards
  • 10 $10 gift cards