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Faculty & Staff Opportunities

Gonzaga’s mission statement calls faculty and staff to participate in the formation of students “for lives of leadership and service for the common good.” This mission of transformative education is a mission we seek to embody together.

Through programs, partnerships, and presence, we invite faculty and staff members to consider how their spiritualities, traditions, expertise, wisdom, gifts, and work can be brought into conversation with Gonzaga’s mission and the Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic traditions that ground it. These initiatives provide space for faculty and staff to consider their call to participate in Gonzaga’s mission to offer students a distinctive educational experience that cultivates intelligent hearts and compassionate minds put at the service of the common good.

Our offerings include critical engagement with the traditions that ground our mission as well as opportunities for persons of all faith and spiritual backgrounds (including none at all) to encounter Ignatian spirituality. The aim of each program is by no means proselytization or indoctrination. Rather, it is an invitation to consider how each faculty and staff member might enrich the mission of the university and how the mission of the university and the traditions that ground it might enrich the work that faculty and staff already do.

Below, explore the growing opportunities available for faculty and staff that engage the mind, heart, body, spirit, and community.

For a list of texts and videos that engage our mission and its grounding Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic traditions, please visit our resources page.