U.S. Bank

US Bank teller station in the Hemmingson Center

U.S. Bank is proud to be your campus banking partner.

Boost your financial wellness and enter to win a scholarship.*

To help you manage your money throughout your college experience and beyond, U.S. Bank offers financial resources, webinars and even a scholarship opportunity.

When you visit the Financial IQ Student Center, you can start building smart financial habits and learn more about the scholarship. Educational videos and interactive tools help improve your money management skills, plus you can sign up to watch live or previous webinars on budgeting, avoiding student debt, investing and more. And discover how the short online financial lessons set you up for a chance to win a scholarship.

*Scholarship only available at select times throughout the year.

Banking convenience

When you need to talk to a banker, our full-service branch is right here on campus. Learn more about U.S. Bank.
  • U.S. Bank located in Hemmingson Center
  • 509.325.7027

Are you a university employee, faculty or staff member? Gonzaga has partnered with the U.S. Bank Workplace Banking Program to give you added benefits to our suite of products and services. To apply online, use company code GA104 or schedule an appointment with a banker for more details.