Institutional Loans in Repayment

Expanded Federal Perkins Cancellation Provisions

On August 14, 2008, the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (H.R. 4137) was signed into law. These amendments expand the partial loan cancellation benefits available for borrowers of Federal Perkins loans and National Direct Student Loans for service performed on or after August 14, 2008.

In addition to the cancellation provisions in their promissory note, borrowers with Federal Perkins and National Direct Student Loans may be eligible for partial cancellation of their loans for each qualified year of service for:

  • Full-time staff members in a prekindergarten or child care program licensed or regulated by the State;
  • Full-time public defenders;
  • Full-time faculty members at a tribally controlled university;
  • Librarians with a master's degree in library science who are employed in a school served under Title I of the ESEA, or a public library serving a Title I school;
  • Full-time speech language pathologists with a master's degree working exclusively in Title I schools; and
  • Full-time firefighters.

If you feel you may qualify for deferment of payments or partial cancellation of your loan, you must complete and submit the appropriate cancellation form to Gonzaga University.