Yvonne DiPalma

Yvonne DiPalma

Yvonne DiPalma
  • B.A., Johns Hopkins University
  • MFA, Villa Schifanoia, Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts, Florence

Biographical Information

Yvonne DiPalma grew up in an artistic environment in the suburbs of Philadelphia where she attended private courses at the Moore College of Art already at a young age. She was still nineteen  when she finished her B.A. in Humanistic Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. where she also made good use of their exchange program with the Maryland Institute of Art. She received her M.A. from the Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Art in Florence.  Her 35 year teaching experience began at Johns Hopkins where she initiated courses in Anatomy in Art and Drawing. Love and Art brought her to Italy where she began, with her late husband the sculptor Michele Attanasio, her now 500 piece contemporary artwork "Presepial Installation in Honor of Peace" which has traveled around Italy and is now  on display at the Florence YDIALEGI Association. Through the years she has had numerous shows and commissions including her large relief on the façade of the Convent of Saint Francis in Cortona and her two-meter high "Angels" in terracotta, gold mosaics and cement permanently placed in the Chapel of the Sacred Particles in Siena.  In 2007 she was given the Outstanding Achievement in Teaching Award by the Gonzaga University in Florence Study Abroad Program.


  • Bas- Relief Sculpture on central niche of the facade of the Franciscan. Convent of the Church of  Saint Francis, Cortona, Italy. Terracotta refrattaria with mosaic inlay. 4ft x 4ft. 2004
  • Free-standing sculpture of figures for entranceway of "Harmonia Music and Dance School"  Empoli, Italy. Terracotta and marble. 2004
  • Plaster 3-d sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci for the exposition hall of the "Leonardo da Vinci Museum", Florence, Italy- 2meters x 50 cm. 2004
  • Two Seraphim Angels for the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Francis, Siena. Each in terracotta, wire and various mosaics, and each 70 cm. high. 2003
  • Two Large Male and Female Angel Sculptures for the Chapel of the Sacred. Particles in the Basilica of Saint Francis, Siena, Italy. Each 2meters high in cement, terracotta, iron, wire and marble and glass mosaics. 2002
  • Y. DiPalma has had numerous private and public sculpture, painting, and drawing commissions. These include iron doors located on the Sorrentine Peninsula, two larger than life-sized hand-carved marble portraits in Agrigento, Sicily, and near Naples, and four meter high bronze sculptures for a villa near Sorrento, and a sculpture collection near Philadelphia. The media used for other pieces in private collections in Europe and the U.S.A. includes marble, alabaster wood, bronze, and terracotta sculptures, pen and ink drawings, oil and tempera paintings, and linoleum prints. A complete list is available on request. 1974-2001

Principal One-woman Shows

  • The sculptor has established a large studio on Via San Zanobi in the center of Florence where, in addition to work space, sculpture, prints, paintings  and stained -glass artworks are continually on display. 2002 -2004
  • The artist has been creating a sculpture garden "en plein aire", entitled "A Walk from Chaos to the Future" which she began with her late husband, the Italian sculptor, Michele Attanasio, on a hill over-looking Florence. Through this work she has greatly developed her theatrical stylistic convictions and technical experience on the resistance of sculpture to the natural (and human) destructive elements utilizing cement, copper, iron, marble, plastic, mosaics, wood, and bronze. 1993 -2004
  • Large One-Woman Sculpture Show in the Arnolfo di Cambio Loggia next to the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. Retrospective of sculptures in bronze, marble, alabaster, terttacotta, plaster, and stained-glass windows from 1978 - 1998. 2001
  • Show of three-hundred poly-chromed terracotta, cloth, hemp, wire and  wood sculptures in   theatrical setting- original artwork resulting from a lengthily study of the Neapolitan Presepio  of the seventeenth century- entitled "Presepial Installation in  Honor of Peace". Central Crypt of the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy. Dec 1990 - Jan 2000
  • Presentation on the stage of the Parioli Theater during the broadcast of the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" of the "Presepial Insallation in Honor of Peace". Sponsored by Channel 5 Television- Fininvest. Rome, Italy. Dec 1992 - Jan 1993
  •  "Presepial Installation in Honor of Peace". San Jacopo Sopr'Arno and Art Gallery "Il Punto" Florence, Italy. Sponsored by the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Comune di Firenze , Azienda del Turismo di Firenze, and editor "Ponte alle Grazie." Dec 1991 - Jan 1992
  • Gallery "Il Punto" and San Jacopo Sopr'Arno. Comune di Firenze and Azienda del Turismo di Firenze. Florence, Italy. Dec 1990 - Jan 1991
  • Ten piece sculpture show and lecture given on invitation. Sala "Quattro Stagioni" of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Florence, Italy. Sponsored by The Province of Italy. May 1989
  • PALMATTAN Showroom. Permanent exhibit of clay, bronze, plaster, marble sculptures located on  Borgo Pinti, Florence, Italy. May 1985-1990
  • SS. Sacramento di Santa Maria in Via- Oratorio. Piazza Poli, Rome,Italy. Sponsors: Comune of Rome, Azienda del Turismo di Roma, FIPE, Assessorato al Turismo della Regione Lazio. Dec 1983 - Jan 1984
  • The Loggia Rucellai by Leon Battista Alberti , Florence, Italy. Sponsored by the Azienda del Turismo di Firenze.  Dec 1981 - Jan 1982
  • The Johns Hopkins Bologna Center, Bologna, Italy. October 1981
  • Salone Donatello in the Brunelleschian Cloisters of the Church of  San Lorenzo,  Florence, Italy. Dec 1979 - Jan 1980
  • Studio PALMATTAN opening, Florence, Italy. July 1979
  • Palazzo Strozzi, Centro per Stranieri, Florence, Italy. March 1979
  • Azienda del Turismo, Sorrentine Peninsula, Italy. Dec 1978 - Jan 1979
  • Gallery "Paul Whistler", Sorrentine  Peninsula, Italy. Dec 1977 - Jan 1978
  • Gallery "Paul Whistler", Sorrentine Peninsula, Italy. Dec 1976 - Jan 1978
  • Levering Hall, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, M.D. Macrh 1974


  • "Presepial Installation in Honor of Peace" by Yvonne DiPalma with comments by writer Michele Prisco and art critic Tommaso Paloscia. Editor "Ponte alle Grazie" Florence, Italy. Art Catologue and historic research. 1991
  • 'Il Mito, Il Tempo, e..." by Professor Antonio Cinque. Cover in Pen and Ink , and four illustrations. 1987

In the News

Course Descriptions

The Sculpture Courses and the Linoleum Printmaking Course are held in the YDIALEGI Cultural Association and laboratory near the main Gonzaga-in-Florence Mozilo Center. In this modern-day "Renaissance Bottega", even the very beginning student gains a complete technical, cultural, and inspirational basis for creating, understanding, and developing these Arts.

The factors which allow this original learning process are a combination of the following:

  1. The actual course work which is designed to teach all the fundamental techniques of terracotta clay sculpture; bas-relief, high relief and sculpture in the round including basic molds and the firing process, and linoleum printing; a "hands-on" method beginning with simple chiaroscuro designs then printed by hand and with a press based on the ancient Xilograph woodblock technique.
  2. The atmosphere of being surrounded by continual Contemporary Art-in-Progress in various mediums including  bronze, marble, wood, cement, resins, wax and stained glass, a Showroom, and the YDIALEGI Cultural Association.
  3. Visits to the countless museums in Florence housing the famous Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance sculptures and original Xilograph prints.
  4. Excursions to surrounding cities within an hour and a half from Florence where internationally renowned masters are currently producing terracotta, papier maché, and marble.