Migration Questions

1 . When will my email be migrated to Office 365?^

We have scheduled the migration to take place between Fall and Spring semester. The tentative dates for the migration are January 2nd – January 10th.  

2 . Can I continue to use my current email address?^

Your current email address with Google will be available until January 31st, 2014. Although after the migration is complete email will only be going to your Office 365 account. 

3 . What can I do with my email now to prepare for the move to Office 365?^

In preparation you can delete non-essential items from your Zagmail account is a good way to begin preparing for the migration to the new email and calendaring system. Non-essential items include duplicates, unsolicited notes or invitations, drafts, notes, or personal materials will make the migration of your mailbox go faster. 

4 . Are any limitations on how much data can be migrated?^

Only 25 GB will be transferred because that is the data limit on each account. Also, any emails or emails with attachments over 25MB will not be transferred. 

Some answers provided by our colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Division of Information Technology, thank you!