RSVP for the Spring Faculty Conference, Tuesday, January 17, 2017, Hemmingson Center Ballroom.  Please indicate your attendance for the conference and for lunch.

The breakfast menu:  vegetarian strata with red peper and Asiago cheese layered with grilled Italian sourdough; strata with Italian sausage, red pepper and Asiago cheese layered with grilled Italian sourdough; thick cut bacon and sausage links; hashbrowns; coffee (regular and decaf); hot tea; and juice

The lunch menu:  assorted rolls, market house seasonal salad (vegetarian and gluten free), roasted red potatoes with herbs and garlic (vegetarian and gluten free), roasted cauliflower lasagna with red bell pepper marinara (vegetarian), caramelized butternut squash with roasted shallots (vegetarian and gluten free), lemon and thyme grilled chicken breast with crème fraiche (gluten free), grilled eggplant and chickpea meatless loaf (vegetarian), assorted dessert bars and cookies, ice tea and ice water

While Sodexo attempts to provide options that accommodate a range of dietary needs, it is not possible to manage every dietary restriction.  You are welcome to bring your lunch to join your colleagues, should the menu not be suitable for your needs.

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