CTA Faculty Advisory Board

Help shape what the CTA has to offer!

The CTA Faculty Advisory Board is an opportunity for Gonzaga faculty to shape and contribute to the work of the CTA. The board's purpose is to provide broad faculty input into the programming and strategic planning of the Center, and to help disseminate information about CTA programs and resources. The Center exists to support faculty in their work, and the Faculty Advisory Board helps to make it responsive to faculty needs. While the board does not set policy for the CTA, its input will be considered by the Director and the CTA Steering Committee in making policy and programming decisions. Serving on the board is a great way to learn more about what the CTA does, and can be an entry point for further and deeper involvement in the work of the Center.

Who is on the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board consists of 15 - 20 Gonzaga faculty of any rank or discipline, who volunteer to serve on an annual basis. The board is intended to have broad representation of schools, departments, and programs, and to include faculty at all stages of their careers, including term and adjunct faculty. Volunteers for the board are solicited by e-mail to the faculty, usually in January, inviting self-nominations. If more nominations are received than can be accommodated without creating a committee of unwieldy size, the director will select the committee from the nominees, with the advice and consultation of the CTA Steering Committee. Members will begin their service in March, and will serve until March of the following year. Faculty can volunteer to continue their service in succeeding years for as long as they desire, subject to the selection process.

What does the board do?

The Advisory Board has the opportunity to provide input at three meetings a year, with the general agendas described below. The Director may also seek occasional input in between meetings via e-mail. Members of the board may also work with the Director in ad hoc working groups to explore, develop, or support new or existing CTA programs. Those groups would meet at additional times arranged by their members.

In general, the meetings of the Advisory Board will have the following agendas:


  • New, continuing, and departing members all meet together.
  • Director orients members on the CTA mission, current programming, and recent recommendations from the committee.
  • Committee members offer feedback on CTA programming from the year.
  • Members brainstorm programming ideas that should be considered either for the next academic year (budget and time permitting), or for inclusion in the budget proposal that will be due the following October (for the budget year starting 15 months hence.)
  • Working groups are formed as needed to explore and further develop ideas.


  • Director reviews programming planned for the current academic year; members offer advice and assistance in promoting participation.
  • Any existing working groups report on their progress, members determine what support is needed by those groups.
  • Committee discusses proposed programming to be included in the October budget request, suggests priorities.
  • Members share ideas for potential future program directions for the Center.


  • Director reviews programming from fall semester, previews programming for spring semester. Members provide feedback on programs from either direct experience (i.e., their participation) or comments from others.
  • Working groups report on their progress.
  • Members provide recommendations for potential future nominees to the Advisory Board, and are encouraged to reapply if they wish to continue.
  • Members share ideas for potential future program directions for the Center.

How do I volunteer?

Calls for self-nomination to the Advisory Board will typically go out by e-mail in January. However, if you would like to express your interest at any time, fell free to e-mail the CTA Director with the following information:

  • Your name, department, e-mail and phone number
  • A paragraph or two explaining your interest in being a member of the advisory board, and the experience and perspectives you think you would bring to the position.
New members to the board are welcomed at the March meeting.