Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation help give the admissions committee additional insight into your personal qualities and potential for continuing intellectual and professional growth. You will likely request evaluations from professors, especially those in the science disciplines, as well as other professional contacts who may have supervised you in clinical, work, or volunteer settings.

Be sure you are requesting evaluations from individuals who know you well, and can speak positively and specifically about your qualities and abilities. Explain why you are asking them to write you a letter, and if there is anything in particular you hope they cover in the letter. This can help the evaluator focus their comments on what is most relevant to your candidacy.

Pay attention to requirements, which may vary school by school and include individual letters as well as committee or composite letters of recommendation.

Committee Letters

The Committee on Health Science Careers provides committee letters as a service to eligible students and alumni seeking admission to health professions programs, most commonly medical and dental schools. While not required by Gonzaga University applicants, the committee letter is highly recommended. The committee letter often fulfills multiple letter of recommendation requirements for admission, but it is important for applicants to confirm requirements for each school to which they apply.

A committee letter is a composite letter of recommendation, drafted by one author (faculty member) but also incorporating comments and perspectives from multiple individuals, from which you will gather evaluations for your Pre-Health Portfolio. The Committee on Health Science Careers provides an explanation of the committee letter process and rates candidates based on the Health Professions Pathways Program Core Competencies.

Students are encouraged to start building their Pre-Health Portfolio early in their undergraduate years, as that information can ultimately contribute to the committee letter.

To be eligible for a committee letter of recommendation from the Gonzaga University Committee on Health Science Careers, an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Plan to apply for a health professions school in the upcoming cycle.
  • Have completed (or be in the process of completing) an undergraduate degree at Gonzaga University within the past five years. This service is open to all academic majors.
  • Be in good academic standing with the university.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, please review the instructional video series and visit the Committee on Health Science Careers SharePoint site. You may also email h3p@gonzaga.edu.