Application Expenses

Pursuing a career in the health professions requires a serious financial investment. Even prior to enrollment, you should understand and budget for the costs associated with applying to school, which may include:

  • Standardized Exam Fees
  • Standardized Exam Preparation
  • Application Fees (may include primary and secondary applications)
  • Transcript Request Fees
  • Admission Requirements Resources
  • Interviews – Travel, Lodging, Meals, and Professional Attire
  • Second Look Visits (optional)
  • Deposits

Fee Assistance Programs can offset some of the costs of applying to medical school by assisting those who, without financial assistance, would be unable to take standardized exams and/or apply to schools. Check with your Centralized Application Service or set up a meeting with the Health Professions Pathways Program for more information.

A sample table of medical school application expenses is provided below.

Description Notes / Range of Costs Sample Cost
Medical school Admission Requirements $36 for 2-year subscription or $28 for 1-year subscription $36
MCAT Preparation Varies $200
MCAT Registration Fee $320 $320
AMCAS (MD) Application Fees
  Primary, $170 first school, $40 each additional,
Sample based on 16 schools
  Secondary, Varies, typically $50-150 per school $1200*
Transcript Fees Varies by granting institution $6
CASPer Exam

$12 to take, $12 per school to distribute
Not all schools require this exam

Interviews Varies and may include Travel, Lodging, Meals, and Professional Attire $700*
Deposits Varies, may be non-refundable $500
TOTAL $3,780

Note: Expenses based on information as of 2020.

*Median responses from AAMC 2019 Matriculating Student Questionnaire.