Reflection & Journaling


We highly recommended that you keep track of your clinical experiences by tracking the number of hours you complete as well as the insights and information you gain. Admitted students cite keeping a pre-health journal as being extremely helpful during the application process to health professions school. In addition to the logistics (where and when) consider taking notes on significant moments as well as your impressions, feelings, and thoughts. Here are some reflection questions to get you started:

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • What was interesting and what was not?
  • Did anything challenge me or the way in which I view the world?
  • Can I imagine doing this work and/or living this lifestyle for the entirety of my career? If there are things I dislike, do I have the power to change them?
  • Did anyone share any advice with me?
  • How did I grow through this experience, or what did I learn about myself?
  • How did this experience help me develop proficiency in one or more of the Pre-Health Core Competencies?
  • Who were the individuals I interacted with? What did I learn from them? What did I learn from them?
  • What can I take from this experience and apply to a career in healthcare?